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Download the latest Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk for android and get unlimited money, Gems, VIP Gold. Unlock All Vehicles with hack Apk Cheats.
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March 26, 2020
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Free download the latest version of Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk for android, get Unlimited Money, Unlock All Vehicles and weapons with hack apk and get unlimited ammo with Vegas Crime Cheats.

It is always fun to play games and become craziest for players when it comes to action especially for boys because they always need thrill moments. The Vegas Crime Simulator game takes the idea of ​​a criminal world in Vegas. The game shows everything related to gangsters is in detail and is probably close to reality.

Vegas is a crime city where you are playing as a villain and enjoy much more with weapons and cars. Players will witness the most exciting gunfights and even the planned dark plans to harm others. Other characters are going to hire you as an urban shooter. Your duty is to shoot Marias and strike criminals for money. Get unlimited ammo with access to all deadly weapons with Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk and kill all your targets.

Game Information:

A game development team of Naxeex LLC released the Vegas Crime Simulation for Android and iOS devices. The game has become extremely popular amongst youngsters that it has crossed more than 1 billion downloads just on Google PlayStore. This is a flagged game for people over 18 because of the violence and gore.

This game consists of plenty of roles players can perform as a criminal. You are going to use a wide range of weapons like shooter guns, tanks and many more. In vehicles, there is a huge variety like motorcycles, cars, helicopters and many more. Furthermore, you will attack ordinary citizens, policemen, and steal different kinds of vehicles.

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Amazing Features of Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk:

The game is about having the experience of the underworld. The experience can become more entertaining for the gamer if they go for the modded version of the game. This mod features everything possible in the game in unlimited quantity. Let’s take a look at some of the very best features of Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk;

  • Unlimited Money,
  • Unlimited Gems,
  • Access to All Majestic Cars,
  • Unlimited Talent Score,
  • Unlocks All Weapons,
  • Unlimited Ammunition,
  • No Root or Jailbreak,
  • No Ads.

You are not in a bad character as a criminal when you snatch from bad people and earn more to relieve good ones. It is quite interesting to dodge police as well as to get maximum output and fight with real criminals as a hero. However, doing offensive actions to avoid the maximum crime rate is also a mind-blowing act.

No wonder why it is pretty hard to collect money and gems in Vegas Crime Simulator as it involves robbing banks and people. If the police catch you during the process, the game will delete all your progress without any resource. The Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk saves all your processes even if the cops kill or arrest you. In addition, it will provide you unlimited gems and money every time you reborn.

Let’s have a short brief of some of the best features;

  • Unlimited Money:

Have you heard of a gangster getting paid without murdering anyone? Even though the original version is free to download and play but there are limitations. It is exceptionally difficult to earn money in VCS. Players need to murder criminals and then get rewards in terms of virtual cash.

The money you earn, you can use that to buy weapons and expensive cars. But it comes difficult to save so much since your targets are also criminals. They can easily shoot you down and you will lose everything you have collected in that mission.

However, you get unlimited cash in Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk right from the beginning. Now, you do not need to worry about getting killed, or to save money to buy a supercar. Buy any weapon you wish for with money mod.

  • Unlimited Gems:

Gems are the virtual diamonds of the game that you can use to upgrade the impact of any weapon. Also, use gems to customize your vehicle in the garage. For example, paint your vehicle, refresh the look of the car, get new wheels, etc.

  • Access to All Deadly Weapons:

As every other action shooting game, it also starts with access to basic weapons. After that, as you complete the missions and upgrade your level, you unlock new weaponry. However, VCS Mod Apk unlocks all weapons and offers you access to every lethal right from the start.

Experiment with tons of powerful weapons that let you rain destruction in the city. Such as pistols, rocket launchers, flame throwers, automatic rifles, AK guns, M4, Shotgun, RPG, Bazooka, and many more.

  • Infinite Ammo:

In my own experience, I have found this feature extremely useful. Imagine you are all alone and shooting at a gang of villains, and all of sudden you run short on ammo. In this situation, you have less chance of survival.

However, you get infinite ammunition with Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk. Now, your competing gangsters will not get a chance to peak and target you. Unleash the rain of bullets or fire and do not let your enemy come closer.

  • Access to Super Vehicles:

In the gameplay of Vegas Crime, the character can steal cars of its choice to drive. It becomes difficult sometimes due to the counter-attack situation. However, with hack mod, you have access to every super vehicle. You can choose to drive any unlocked car without worrying about snatching or stealing.

Not only stylish four-wheelers but also fly gangsters plan above the city. Fly the plan the rain ammo on your enemies or even at the police for fun. Moreover, you have access to drive military tanks and helicopters are also available for your convenience. What more can you expect? In short, be a driver or a pilot of every real-world vehicle.

NOTE: Please note that most of the websites provide mods just to get clicks or surveys from users. Do not fall into downloading their harmful file; it may have a virus or malware. Our skilled team has tested and trusted the Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk and we assure you will not have any issue. However, you may leave a comment or contact us for any support.

Complete Guide to Install Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK:

By now, you should be looking for a download button and start playing the game with excitement. If someone has recommended you to root your phone, there is no need for that. You can play the game in the original version of android.

Follow the step by step guide below to successfully install the game in your android device without any error;

  • Uninstall the previous version of Vegas Crime Simulator if you have installed it from another source,
  • Delete the data file from your device’s storage and restart your phone to refresh its memory,
  • Click at the “download” button to get the mod apk file,
  • To install the apk file, go to the Settings and tap on security option,
  • You will see an option for installing files from “unknown source”, toggle to allow it,
  • Now, go back to the storage folder and locate the apk file,
  • Tap on the file and select install,
  • That’s all! You have successfully installed the Vegas Crime Simulator MOD Apk, navigate to the game icon and start playing it.

If you have ever thought of being a gangster, this game is the best platform for you to become on in the biggest crime city. Moreover, most of us like to know the story behind being a villain or a bad guy, play Vegas Crime Simulator and find out what stimulates a reasonable man to become a murderer. Play the descarga gangster Vegas and become the ultimate lawbreaker of the city.

Graphics and Sound Effects:

The game has amazing 3D graphics that deliver a thrilling impression with realistic concepts. The gunfights, blood effects, explosions, and collisions, all are correctly portrayed in an epic mode. You will truly find the game addictive in the world of the underground crowd.

The game is graphics demand strong hardware of the device to show perfect vibrancy. However, you can still play in a low hardware device by reducing the graphic quality. This ensures smooth gameplay but graphics will not be as good as we all expect.

Best of all, the sound effect offers the real experience of underworld life. The game features voice actors which makes the game extremely realistic. The gunshots, steel weapon clashes, explosions, are expressed with awesome sound effects. You can even hear the sound of blood dropping on the floor as your enemies go down.

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Parent’s Guide:

The minimum recommended age to play Vegas Crime Stimulator is 18 years. The game is based on gangster’s life which obviously shows extreme violence. You start as a contract killer and become a controller eventually. I shall recommend parents to let their kids play the game if they are too young.

In addition, you can clearly see the bloodshed, destruction and highly explosive stuff. Imagine giving a rocket launcher in a kid’s hand and it will divert the whole mindset of peace. Even though the game has many other features than shooting but still, keep your kids away.

Moreover, Vegas Crime portrays the nightlife of one of the fun-loving city in the world. That brings the concept of adultery which of course you would not prefer your kids to know at early stages. However, it is a perfect platform for adults to enjoy being a gangster of the virtual city along with extreme fun that we all desire.


Finally, there is no doubt saying that Vegas Crime Simulator is a number on action-adventure games. The game features awesome gameplay, impressive graphics, and realistic sound effects. Players will definitely have a great time playing the game as you will never experience a boring moment in this game.

On the other hand, to make the gameplay more exciting and amazing, download the Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk. This mod provides unlimited money and unlocks all vehicles and weapons. Now, you can drive supercars of your own choice, flight plans and experiment deadly lethal weapons with infinite ammo.

What's new

  • The improved game engine, vehicles, characters, shooting system, tracking system, and UI,
  • The latest version of the game has more cars,
  • The developers have improved the system for moving the main character,
  • Bugs fixes,
  • The game balance has improved.



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