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Download the latest version of Subway Surfers MOD Apk 2022 and enjoy the never-ending chase with Unlimited Coins and Keys for Android. In this version, everything is unlocked.
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In spite of running away from a fat policeman and his dog, jumping over or sliding down from the obstacles; Subway Surfers MOD Apk 2022 has made this chase very exciting for players to dodge around the railway track.

No doubt that Subway Surfers is one of the most played games across the countries with over 2.5 billion downloads. There is no second thought in saying that the popularity of this game is inevitable. Soon, I’ll guide you on how you can cheat download Subway Surfers Apk and join the race of.

The game is an endless chase game co-developed by Kiloo & Sibo in May 2012. The initial release was very limited in terms of accessory features and cities, furthermore, in the updated series of 2013, new cities from around the world were added to make the sceneries eye-catching and players love the game every bit of it. The game is available for most of the operating systems out there for smart devices; Android, iOS, Windows phones and you can also play on kindle.

In case you might be asking yourself that you only hear PUBG MOD APK from gamers, admiration of this real players virtual battlefield is widely accepted; but Subway Surfers has its own fan following and every age group loves it.

Subway Surfers MOD APK:

Here comes the exciting part you’ve been waiting for, let’s go through briefly what Subway Surfers Apk Mod offers;

  • Unlimited Keys
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Items – Hover-boards, outfits
  • Unlimited Subway Coins
  • Jetpacks
  • Unlocked All Characters

And that’s just one side of the story; I’ll be sharing many other features of Apk Hack version further in the article.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to install Subway Surfers cheat apk in your android devices;

  1. Uninstall the previous version of subway surfers which you downloaded from Google PlayStore and delete all existing data; also, restart your phone
  2. To allow your phone to install modded apk Subway Surfers – Go to your Settings = Security = Unknown Source = Turn it ON
  3. Click at the provided link to download Subway mod apk and install it once the download is finished
  4. And the good news? You have successfully installed the game – now amaze yourself with subway unlimited coins and keys.


Now the fun begins. Jack is an underground artist and gets caught when he is doing graffiti on a metro railway site. A fat policeman along with his dog starts running after him and Jack should not get captured by him. Furthermore, there are hurdles on the railway track which he needs to cross by either jumping over or sliding down from them.

In addition to that, there are endless coins which the player should gather as well as while running.  The game is on and around the railway track and you can only jump from one track to other, otherwise, you can jump over small little pavements, these will appear for a short time when you pass from the underpass. If you love bike racing games then try Traffic Rider MOD Apk.

As if that is not enough with the hurdles, there are moving and stopped trains on the tracks which you should dodge or jump. It might have sounded very easy to play but in fact, it is not easy at all. The game speed increases as you play and you get a fraction of time to decide whether to slide left or right.

You need to control your character in certain movements; right, left, jump up or slide down through the hurdles with the help of control system displayed visually on the screen. This helps the character overcome obstacles along the way to continue the race before being caught by the inspector and his dog. You cannot stop your character during the gameplay and of course, your chase will end if a police officer catches you at any stage.

Subway Surfers Characters:

There are many playable and locked characters of the game, but few are very much trending and most of the gamers choose them to run. A list of trending characters is mentioned below;

Jack, Frank, Miss Maia, Mimi, Tricy, Ninja, Freya, Bjarki, Fresh, Tony, Mina, Harumi.

Support Items:

Along with the appearance of obstacles on the screen, support items will also be visible into each game screen. If possible, do not ignore them because you can get valuable help from the things that the game brings to enjoy it more.

For example, sneakers will help players run faster or jump farther, skateboards help the smoother movement to limit tripping or bumping into obstacles, also the movements on skateboards look pretty cool. The magnet acts as a magnet to attract the coins around the character without touching them.

In addition to the above support items, there are many other valuable items that players can explore when experiencing Subway Surfers. In particular, you can upgrade the effect of support items by using collected coins. Also, pick up the chests to unlock valuable rewards in the gameplay.

But wait, let me tell you something that with Subway Surfers cheat apk, you get unlimited coins, do not forget the mod download.

Amazing Features of Subway Surfers:

You will see yourself getting comfortably addicted to the gameplay. Controls are optimized for touch screen devices with simplified touch commands. It’s true that the controls are simple but the game can become more difficult as the level goes higher. Overall the game has amazing features but some of the key features are precisely explained below;

Unique Major Landscapes:

The game features many landscapes of different countries around the world. Players in subway surfers will have many chances to explore maps from the world most famous cities. You may travel to Dubai, Cairo, Mexico, Beijing, Paris, Chicago and Iceland etc.

In particular, the entire game from the character, hover-board, and landscape is changed to a festival in a city around the world. There will be lots of new features for you to experience. In addition to that, with unlocked Subway Mod, gamers will have a lot more fun than the original version.

Character Customization:

Think about it, you get an opportunity to customize your game character. The subway surfers have an amazing feature of character personalization. Pick the right costumes that fit your style and hit the subway. Select the right headwear as you try on multiple accessories from a Chinese hat to motorbike helmet.

Connect with Cloud and Share on Social Networks:

What if I tell you that you will never lose your game’s saved data? A fantastic feature of subway Apk is that you can log in to cloud and keep your played data saved. You can also share your achievements with your friends on social networks.

In addition to above-mentioned key features of Subway Surfers, there are plenty others including dozens of different characters, speed booster kit, jumping shoes etc. That being said, you can collect paint powered jetpack to launch your character right on the sky, flying around in extreme speed and avoid all kinds of obstacles and hurdles.

Furthermore, players can pick up jumping shoes and perform epic jumps right from the ground. Another charming feature is a powerful magnet to attract the coins to you. And there will be plenty of different collectables that you can collect while running.

The game is much more interesting than I interpreted in mentioned features. At the same time, it could become more enjoyable with Subway Surfers unlimited money.

But wait, let me tell you something; if you’re looking for the most completed experiences with Subway Surfers and gain unlimited access to all of its features, our apk mod version will allow you to have all that. Download and install the Subway Surfers Mod APK file on your android devices to have access to unlimited coins and keys.

Graphics and Sound:

Certainly, no game can be exciting without having good graphics and background sound effects. The game is designed in 3D chibi style with colorful images and vibrant frames, featuring beautiful graphics throughout the gameplay, with stunning locations around the globe. In addition, with colorful and HD graphics, the game delivers the most mesmerizing runner gameplay to android users.

The soothing soundtrack of the game makes players keep running. Also, you will get the real feel of being chased with real pinching sound effects.

It’s true that we all admire games having perfect 3D vibrant sceneries along with soothing realistic sound effects. Check out a virtual country life farming game Hay Day MOD APK and keep admiring fancy farming.

Parent’s Guide:

In case you might be asking yourself if the game is safe for kids to play. Yes, the game is rated safe for the age of 9+. I think the game is more fun and unthinking and much more lighthearted. Moreover, the violence is bloodless and no gores at all, and funny because the characters go bump or some other funny noise when they get hit by a train.


Subway Surfers is undeniably one of the most popular games all over the world. Also, it is one of the most played games by gamers of any age. The game is totally free to play, however, you need to collect coins, use that money to buy support items and unlock amazing features. APK Wheel is providing you unlimited coins apk to enjoy unlimited subway surfers. Mod download from the above-mentioned download link and keep running the never-ending chase.

What's new

  • The Subway Surfers World Tour heads to sunny Venice Beach
  • Enjoy the buzzy beach vibes with Phoenix, the new groovy surfer
  • Surf the beautiful promenade on the new Beach Pop Board
  • Team up with Dylan in his new Walkman Outfit
  • Spend Event Coins in the Shop to unlock awesome free stuff



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