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If you’re a fan of horror and like peeking into scary stories then you must give lost life apk a try to get a wholesome creepy experience. The game is loaded with all sorts of adventures with a hint of horror that creeps a new sense of fear within you.

Lost Life is the developers’ take i.e Shikesto Games in combining the horror genre while expressing the heights of adventure to make this a worthwhile mobile gaming franchise. It also assesses you in under pressure decisions, featuring maze, questions, and much more.

You’ll be playing as an afraid girl whose life and death is dependent on the decisions you take. Not only can that but the influence affect her family also making it more impactful. In this blog, we’ll be discussing some prominent features of lost life apk.

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The story of Lost Life apk revolves around an interesting bit of horror and mystery that involves a terrified character where every step in progress can have a drastic impact in the upcoming events. It is based on the Russian language having a solid influence from the culture. The journey is solely based on prediction where your survival or death can rely on every correct move.

The element of creep increases with every turn because of the features incorporated. You’ll also need to discover a weird junk lifestyle while adapting to every surprising adventure and the fear of being controlled. Now, you can also download shop titans mod apk from our website for free.

Most people view it as an evil insight that can keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the gameplay. You have to do whatever it takes to survive from any immediate surprise.


The Lost Life apk is said to have an engaging as well as attention grabbing characteristics. Throughout the game, you’ll have to keep engaged with a lady to help her make decisions. It will be your responsibility to comfort her when she’s afraid of the choices coming on her way.

You can move the lady with simple controls and also interact with the environment. The task is to make sure it doesn’t feel isolated or left alone which could result in her being upset. Moreover, the antagonist of the game has the constant urge to hurt you or annoy you but you have to ignore them to get past all the phases of the game.

The ending or even the gameplay depends solely on the decisions made by the player as it can result in multiple endings.


Although Lost Life has many features, some of these characteristics define the game for being in the horror genre and can have a huge impact on the audience’s gaming experience. Some of those highlighted features are:

Ideal Horror Atmosphere

Lost Life apk has the quality that doesn’t let you affect it until you play the game so if you’re a horror gaming fan then it has all the perks and sensation without even a dark background or a deadly theme.

You’ll find it amazing that you won’t be terrorized by the theme of the game but from the events and story which makes the game perfectly creepy.

3D Graphics

The game has employed 3D animated graphics as the Shikesto Games is known for their high-poly environment giving a more realistic feel to the entire experience. You’ll find that the 3D graphics quality has taken the game’s look and feel to an entirely different level of horror.

Does Not Support Advertisements

Most people lean towards this game for mobile just because it doesn’t support any ad as it is a Russian version of the original design that can improve your experience.

Unlimited Rewards And Diamonds

As we know that games often need rewards or diamonds to get through a certain part or to fill up your inventory with different souvenirs within the game, Lost Life also allows you to have unlimited amounts of diamonds and rewards. These rewards include additional characters, accessories, weapons, and clothing to make your journey effective and easy.

Unlimited Money

In the original version of this game, you’ll have to earn money through different organic means to get meals or energy. However, in this apk version you’ll be offered unlimited money to go through the challenging and adventurous journey smoothly without even having to complete any required task.

This is an efficient features as it helps you to enjoy the game completely with its gameplay and story instead of being invested in collecting money.


Lost Life apk is a game filled with many creepy aspects with a combination of survival adventure where you have to assist a girl and people belonging to her in escaping from a horrendous monster in disguise. The developers have used all the graphics needed to make the game convincing enough to compete in the horror genre.

You’ll have to interact with different weird characters and the expressions from the girl can increase your sense of terror. The game is all about making the right decision in the crucial circumstances that can impact on your future events.

We have tried explaining every feature in detail so that you can experience the best of this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we’ve reached the end of this game, it’s time to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that are listed below:

Is Lost Life suitable for children below 14 age bracket?

No, as the game has some severe horror events and violence too, thus it isn’t recommended for children below the guideline to play this game as they can anticipate dreadful gameplay. This game is designed specifically for mature gamers.

Is Lost Life safe to download?

Yes, if you download the game from the link mentioned in our website then you don’t have to worry about any virus or data breach as it has been tested multiple times.

Do you have to pay extra to use the money in Lost Life apk?

No, from the link mentioned here you can enjoy unlimited gems and coins to get yourself out of a crucial point in the game.


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