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Download the latest game Kick The Buddy Mod Apk for android and get Unlimited Money and Gold. This hacked apk version has cheats for Kick the Buddy.
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Free download the latest version of Kick The Buddy Mod Apk for Android and get Unlimited Money and Gold. This hacked apk has cheats for kick the buddy 2020; enjoy hitting the dummy doll with unlocked new weapons and tools.

Kick the Buddy is a fantastic game in which you hit a dummy doll as much as possible for stress relief. You can select from many tools to hit it hard and let your anger out. The tools can be rockets, grenades, firearms, cold steel, weapons of various kinds, machines, food, and atomic bombs, etc. Now, you do not need to break anything to calm down yourself, the buddy man kick apk is your best stress reliever.

Indeed we all get stressed and angry most of the time and look around to hit something and let our anger out. Though there are many gadgets for this purpose they do not work for everyone. On the other hand, these gadgets have the same mechanism to use every time that makes us get used to it and we do use it even subconsciously. But, Kick the Buddy Mod Apk is engaging and you use this relieving source deliberately. You can also download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK.

Best of all, keeping you calm is an art and mankind has been working on it for decades. However, a game development team of PlayGendary introduced this masterpiece which is working as a stress reliever for hundreds of thousands of users.  You can choose a weapon or tool to explode the hanging buddy until the buddy has exploded, knocked out or dies.

Kick The Buddy Mod Apk if a perfect solution if someone is looking for a platform to get rid of his/her frustration. Instead of taking it out on anyone, install the modded buddy man kick and torture a cute teddy bear in different ways on your phone. It may sound horrible but believe me, it is the most effective way to find peace without shouting or harming anyone.

On the other hand, do not feel sensitive about Buddy, pick up all kinds of torturing stuff that you could possibly think of and release your grumpiness on this dummy. Also, buddy man feels no pain, moreover, he actually enjoys when you beat him soft to boost your ego and receive harder attacks. So you can feel free to pick up the most epic weapons to kick his bottom. It’s a perfect way for you to release your anger.

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Amazing Features of Kick the Buddy MOD APK:

Somehow it is the nature of mankind that we find peace in beating or shouting at others when we are grieving inside. Kick the Buddy is not just a game, it is your virtual assistant to provide you calm in the raging mood. During the entire game, your only goal is to kick and beat up the Buddy as it pleases you. There are plenty of weapons and tools available to use, from knife to heavy guns, rocket launchers and even objects such as fruits and hardware tools, etc.

At the same time, it could be boring if there was no sense of achievement or reaching a goal. The harder you hurt the dummy, the more coins you earn and use them to buy stronger impact weapons. Moreover, you get diamonds for better shots that you also use to buy certain tools. As a result, it can be dull while waiting to earn enough money to buy the desired weapon or tool.

And the good news is; download the Hack Kick the Buddy Mod Apk 2020 from our page and you will get unlimited money and diamond to use. Hence, you can beat the shit out of Buddy impatiently with any tool you see in the options by using cheats to kick the buddy. I am going to describe below the key features of a mod buddy;

  • Unlimited Money / Coins:

With this mod feature, you can buy any weapon or item you would like to torture with. As an example, you can purchase AK guns, rockets, grenades, submachine guns, cold steel, and even a nuclear bomb to damage the buddy. Not only lethal weapons but also there are items available you can throw on him such as fruits, books, chairs, bricks, etc.

  • Unlimited Diamond:

You cannot buy a few of the heavy damaging stuff by using money, you to pay in diamonds. In addition to money mod, with unlimited diamonds you can purchase any destructive item you think of.

  • It Requires No Root or Jailbreak:

It does not matter if your phone is rooted or not, you can install modded apk in either version.

  • No Ads:

In my own experience, I get angrier when I am already busy in a fight or an argument and someone jumps in to bother. Since the game is about hitting the object and relieving you at the same time, our skilled team has removed ads from the game. Now, you can break the buddy’s neck with no disturbance.

You must be excited to know the advantages of modded Kik apk. In case you might be asking yourself if the game is free to play, YES it is. The game is free to download from Google PlayStore and AppStore. However, nothing is exciting in the original version which is available on the official stores. Therefore, most of the gamers will go for the Kick the Buddy mod apk. This version is available with ease on the internet which you can use with the same convenience.

The Kick the Buddy mod apk provides a superb advantage of having unlimited coins. You can make sure to buy the best rifles and the best grenades out there in the store without worrying about the prices. The mod apk ensures that you play the game right from the beginning and ensures a stress-free and gaming experience. Hence, use the new features to the maximum and get as much pleasure from the gameplay.

Step by Step Guide to Install Kick the Buddy Mod Apk:

As I mentioned above that you can download it from official game stores. However, the original version has basic and very limited tools to use in the beginning. With the hack modded apk, you will get access to use everything.

In case you might be asking yourself how to download buddy man kick, follow the guide below step by step to install the game successfully;

  • Uninstall the previous version of Kick the Buddy if you have installed from another source,
  • Remove the data file from your device’s storage and restart your phone,
  • Now, tap at the “download” button on top of the page to get Kick the Buddy Mod Apk,
  • To allow your phone to install hacked Apk; navigate to your device Settings = Security = Unknown Source = Turn it ON to allow,
  • Once you have turned it on, go back to the download folder and locate the downloaded Mod apk file of this game,
  • That’s all! You have successfully installed the game – start beating the shit out of Buddy and release your stress.

Kick the Buddy GamePlay:

The Kick the Buddy can be very addictive because of its fun gameplay. You are going to have complete control over the torture. There are tons of ways that you can kick the buddy and punish him. In addition, you will find your dummy extremely interactive as you can easily tap on the screen and drag him around.

Throw him from corners to corners or stretch his body to the max and shot it like a rubber band. Furthermore, you will have the chance to shot all kinds of amazing weapons on him. Not only weapons, but there is also plenty of other stuff that you will use to hurt him after you start playing it.

Furthermore, you can use a baseball bat to beat Buddy’s head. In my own experience, this is one of the most stress-relieving ways. The peace of smashing Buddy’s head while imagining that it is actually a person you do not like.

You can play it in online mode and beat the dummy doll along with your friend. Also, you can still enjoy this amazing game without an Internet connection for as long as you want. Just open the game in offline mode and enjoy torturing the dummy for hours.

Parent’s Guide:

The minimum recommended age to play the Kick the Buddy Mod Apk is 17 years. Parents should know that this is a stress-relieving game where the players hit the dummy toy. Players throw the doll around the screen and assault it with pretty much any weapon you can imagine. These lethal weapons can be from pistols to shotguns and bombs to rocket launchers as well as.

There is no intentional agenda to the violence. The game is quite fun to play and it is done in a humorous way. The game does have in-app purchases, but they are not aggressively marketed at the player. However, Kick the Buddy is about torture, hurt and attack the dummy doll to death.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about your child’s mindset that the gam will disturb it, it can be possible. Many of histories caught murderers and serial killers start on dolls, small animals, etc. A child with a life that is abusive and he is looking for a way out, a way to feel powerful and in control to feel dominant, this game can planta seed unknowingly. I suggest you understand the psychic nature of your child before letting him play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Q.1: Is Kick the Buddy Free?

Ans: Kick the Buddy offers a few days of trial, after that, they ask you to subscribe to play further. However, you can download Kick the Buddy Mod Apk from for free.

Q.2: Is Kick the Buddy Bad?

Ans: The game is bad overall and extremely violent. The minimum recommended age to play this game is 18 years, children should not play it.

Q.3: What is the Point of Kick the Buddy?

Ans: The main purpose of the game is a stress reliever. Users play it to hurt the dummy doll to let go of their anger.

Q.4: How much is Kick the Buddy Forever?

Ans: The Premium offer of a yearly subscription is $99.99. It unlocks 3 exclusive weapons and offers 1,000 Gold and 100 Gems on a daily basis. It removes all banner ads and pop-ups. However, modded apk Kick the Buddy is forever to play for free.

Q.5: Is Kick the Buddy Kid Friendly?

Ans: The minimum recommended age to play Kick the Buddy is 18 years. It is kid-friendly because of the concept of extreme violence and hurting an object to death.


Finally, if you are angry at your boss or girlfriend, or bothered by any argument and you would like to take out the frustration. Download the Kick the Buddy Mod Apk and let your anger out on a dummy doll. You can purchase any weapon or tool to beat him, torture him or hurt him in any way. Also, drag him and throw him over the wall to feel in power.

However, I have explained the positive and negative aspects of the game; do consider the advice before you let your children play the game. Overall, the game is amusing and fun for mature players to find relief.

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