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Download free Hay Day Mod Apk and get the hacked version with Unlimited Seeds, Coins, Gems and Diamonds for Android.
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If you ever wondered how awesome a farmer’s life is, this game is for you! Download free Hay Day Mod Apk and get Unlimited Seeds, Coins, Gems and Diamonds. This MOD will make you encounter a pleasant country life; furthermore, you’ll have farm animals along with pets which will be an exciting acquaintance.

The new Hay Day mod is as addictive as other android games such as racing, puzzles or zombie shooting games. The outstanding squad of Supercell published the game in 2012 and it had been rocking in both versions, iOS, and Android with 22m+ downloads.

Hay Day MOD APK (Unlimited Seeds, Gems & Coins) is free and has been ranked number one in 122 countries, download and enjoy the naturalistic countryside. Moreover, you experience the harvesting process without getting tired, trade crops with your friends and neighbors and earn coins.

Let us have a look at amazing features, detailed gameplay and how to hack Hay Day to get unlimited gems, seeds, coins, and diamonds.

Key Features:

The game has such mesmerizing graphics in addition to pleasant music. Just like shadow fight 3 mod apk, in this game you can also play for hours without getting bored, not only you’ll enjoy it but also it feels like a healing experience. Hay Day is eye-catching with the cinematic creation of homes, plants, birds’ chirming, bringing a sense of entertainment for players. Besides, the background music is soft and very suitable for the gameplay of Hay Day. If you are a fan of farming games, Hay Day will make you feel satisfied and joyful.

The latest version of this Mod has unlocked fishing, harbor and stand a chance to receive unlimited coins, gems, and seeds. Let’s have a look at some of the best features of the Mod version;

Unlimited Seeds:

The most exceptional feature of Hay Day Mod Apk is that you get unlimited seeds. It sounds as you are spoilt but it is true, there are countless different plant seeds at your disposal. You can sow seeds whenever you want; moreover, you can spray water on them whenever you feel like and watch them bloom into plants.

Unlimited Coins:

Who does not want free coins? This hacked version comes with unlimited coins and it makes customization of your farm much easier. You can spend to repair your harbor, buy trucks and send private trains in neighbor towns to bring you visitors – have a feel of a farming business tycoon. You can do anything on the farm without any hassle.

Unlimited Gems:

This is such a cool feature of Hay Day Mod. You required gems and diamonds to unlock hidden features; Hay Day Mod Apk has made it much easier. You don’t have to collect a certain number of gems and diamonds, you get unlimited gems to buy farming produce and enjoy the locked features without going miles ahead. Here is another famous game from the category of action. Must Download and Play Mortal Kombat X MOD Apk.

Following are the main features of the game Hay Day;

  • Cultivate customize your farm.
  • Keep farm animals for dairy, meat, poultry, and fun.
  • Trade crops and fresh goods with friends, neighbors and town visitors through your roadside shop.
  • Get orders and deliver goods via truck or steamboat.
  • Build your small town as it pleases you and welcome visitors.
  • Repair your boat and catch fish in the lack of fishnet or using lures.

It’s a real special place where the crops never die even though it never rains. Sharing the farm with our quirky animals only makes things more fun. There are plenty of other exciting features of Hay Day mod, free download apk and please your curiosity.

Game Hay Day’s famous characters are Alfred, Ernest, Maggie, Angus, Rose, Greg and Tom. In addition, there are other town folks (visitors) in the game story along with Town Visitors – we’ll discuss their rolls in gameplay.

Download and Install Process

The game Hay Day is free and available in the Google play store. However, the Mod Apk version is suggested because it is a hacked apk. You can quickly download and install it from the link given below.

Free Download the hacked version for android and get unlimited diamonds, coins, seeds, and gems.

How to Install?

Kindly follow the steps to install it easily

  1. Uninstall old version of the game on your mobile/tablet and make sure you’ve deleted saved data,
  2. Click on the Hay Day APK file you have just downloaded and select “Install”,
  3. You will be asked to allow installation from unknown sources. Please agree and activate for Hay Day,
  4. Return to the installation interface and click “Install”.
  5. All done, enjoy the exciting game.

You should make sure that you have 1GB RAM on your smart device and 256mbs of free space for the efficient working of this game.

Provided Mod Apk Features:

  1. Unlimited Coins
  2. Unlimited Diamonds
  3. No Ads
  4. Unlimited Gems
  5. Unlimited Seeds

Other Exciting Features:

In addition to the original Hay Day Game Play of Hay Day, you may encounter some realistic incidents such as hitting on at the vehicle parked in front of your farm; you may twist your wheel. Also, make sure to check the mailbox, you may receive a gift card in an envelope. You can earn a few diamonds while watching advertisement videos.

Build a Hay Day community – Thus, connect with other Hay Day players across the world, make friends and communicate with each other. It is an entertaining game along with social concepts and events regularly occur, giving players rare or expensive items as rewards for winning challenges. Unlock the Roadside Shop at level 7, start selling your crops and animal products. Furthermore, you can customize your Roadside Shop to your liking, by selecting awnings, bases, and crates.

In addition to key features, there is another great feature of Hay Day which is “notification”. This feature notifies the player when there is a time to sow seeds, harvest and when a pet is growing up. Players from 122+ countries are loving this game and developers have released it in 50 languages across the globe due to its popularity. Thus, you can stay connected with your friends anytime, anywhere, without any barriers.

New Hay Day game leveling up is also an important factor, as more items such as crops, buildings, and features are unlocked as the player progresses. Furthermore, two extra playing areas also become available when players reach certain levels which are fishing lake and the town.

Game Events:

Events are temporary activities and unlocked at experience level 9, players can participate to earn extra bonuses and rewards. They occur daily; in particular, they are two types of events; Bonus events and Boost events. Bonus events are events where players earn extra items such as coins, experience points, supplies, and vouchers, etc. Boost events make crops and machines faster.

Fishing lake:

Another awesome game feature is fishing which takes place in the Fishing Lake. Players need to repair a boat to catch fish in the lake. It is unlocked at experience level 27; players can catch fish with fishing nets and lures. Furthermore, players can catch lobsters with lobster traps and ducks with duck traps.

Hay Day GamePlay:

Together with farming, the game is more about complete country life. You will start from a small farm given to you and expand it to make a town of your own along with a comprehensive business setup. Hay Day game hacks are available to unlock levels and get unlimited gems, unlimited seeds, unlimited coins, and diamonds. The game is about not only sowing seeds and harvesting crops but to raise animals and earn money from their products.

By farming and multiplying it, players earn coins and buy chickens and animals. The fun part starts when you start selling food items like meat, eggs, milk, cheese, bread and pastries to your friends and neighbors. Visitors come from other towns to buy from you on EGGspress train (which comes every 6 hours) or on a private train (which can be sent by the player).

You should not forget to remove grass, rocks, and rubbish to expand your farm. During the game, you can pick up the upgrade materials such as nails, screws and wood panels; furthermore, you can use them to upgrade the warehouse or expand the farm. These materials are often quite hard to find. Usually, you can find them at harvest, or from a chest randomly appearing around the house. Moreover, upgrades are always necessary. While upgrading the warehouse, you can gather and store more materials or you may get new missions while upgrading your home.

A player can advertise items buy putting in Daily Dirt (Newspaper); it will be visible to every buyer. However, a player can advertise a box every 5 minutes and each ad lasts for 3 hours. You can skip the waiting period by spending one diamond and you’ll get unlimited diamonds with new Hay Day mod.

The most exciting part is to raise pets. In particular, Hay Day also has two pets Dogs, and Cats bring you tremendous joy and a pleasant feeling of raising them. You need to buy a house for two pets and feed them regularly by giving them water and providing food for them. There are many other pets you can take care of; these pets have adorable patterns for a farm game such as Cows, Goats and, Pigs, etc.

Earn Points and Rewards:

The Hay Day is all about harvesting and earning rewards, points and rewards can be earned by;

  1. Trading farmed goods, animal products, and bakery items with neighbors and visitors
  2. Harvesting of crops, animal goods
  3. Restoring the trees and bushes to life
  4. Taking orders and delivering to buyers on truck or steamboat
  5. Building items through craft materials

Hay Day Support:

The Supercell support team is very active, you may contact in case of any problem;

Or contact us in-game by going to Settings > Help and Support.

Under our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, Hay Day is allowed for download and play only for persons 13 years or over of age.

Parents’ Guide for Children:

Generally, parents are concerned about their children what they are playing on Phones and Tablets. The Hay Day Mod is considered safe for a child to play; irritating ads were removed from its latest update. Parents should advise kids to play offline Hay Day to get the exposure of the farming business. No animals or crops die in Hay Day even if you leave farm unattended for a long time, trees and bushes wither at some point so you need to cut them down.


Hay Day may not be the most original game around but certainly, it is one of the best farming games on play store and app store; you can have access to unlimited coins, seeds, diamonds and gems to enjoy the game lot more than the original version. The game is not just about fun or social connections, but it takes you back in time to experience commerce in the country. The game is suggested to every aged player since it is about fun and having a farming business concept. So, what are you waiting for? Free Download the latest hacked version of Hay Day Apk and enjoy your virtual farming.

What's new

• A fresh new Valley theme! Catch escaped animals and deliver them back to sanctuaries for tokens!
• Find fuel stations around Valley for more fuel!
• More rewards! Complete Valley daily quests to earn a new Lucky Bonus.
• Afford more rewards! Introducing the Piggy Bank, which allows you to collect extra tokens.
• Great improvements to the Diamond Shop. Check out the new weekly deals!



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