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Download the latest official version of FM WhatsApp Apk which is famous as FMWA Apk for android. New FMWA 2020 has anti-ban features
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Free download the latest version of FM WhatsApp Apk, known as FMWA Apk, a modded version of the original WhatsApp with new enhanced features. This FM mod Apk 2020 is the best for privacy options, such as hide online status, delivery report, block calls, etc.

As we know WhatsApp is the leading application in communication services with over one billion active users regularly. The original app is quite strict when it comes to change in privacy options. Hence, you are bound to stay in the circle of given features by the developers and only add extra features that you can download from the Google PlayStore.

Thus, there was a need fora modified version of the original app which can offer features we desire. Fouad Mokdad, a well-known mod developer introduced FM WhatsApp Apk, it is also known as FMWA that indicates the developer’s name. There are many other mod versions of WhatsApp available on the internet, but FM Mod is the fastest growing.

Think about it: the Fouad WhatsApp (Named after its developer) has already crossed one million users in such a short period. There is no doubt in saying that this mod apk will take over all the other similar types due to its unique features. Not only extra added options to benefit from, but also the performing speed is much faster as compared to other similar apk.

Exciting Features of FM WhatsApp Apk:

FM WhatsApp 2020 is no doubt the best mod apk due to its fast performance and regular updates as compared to its competitors. The latest version was updated about a month ago. Now, let us have a short overview of the exciting features that were introduced in new FMWA;

  • Stay Stealth in FM,
  • Anti-Delete Messages and Status,
  • App customization,
  • Exclusive New Security Features,
  • Optimized Privacy,
  • Built-in App Locker,
  • Media Sharing New Restrictions,
  • PC Version is also available,
  • Incoming Calls Locker,
  • Pin Important Chats,
  • Advanced Group Features.

And that is just one side of the story, there are plenty more features which I shall discuss after the installation guide.

Guide to Install FM WhatsApp Apk:

In case you might be asking yourself how to get this mod apk of FM, WA, do not worry – we have provided you download link along with enough information and make it a one-stop-shop for you.

Important Notice: as we all know it is a modded WhatsApp, there are more than a few mod apk available on the internet, but be cautious of the fake and doubtful apk. A qualified team of APK Wheel has uploaded FM WhatsApp; it is tested in various devices and trusted. Now, follow the instruction advised below to apk download latest version;

  1. Uninstall the pre-installed apk which you have download from another source,
  2. Delete the data file from your device storage and restart the device,
  3. Download FM apk from the provided link at the beginning of the page,
  4. To install FMWA apk, go to your Android settings and navigate to security settings, enable the “Unknown sources” option,
  5. Find the downloaded apk file and click to install,
  6. All done, you have successfully installed Whats FM, open and excite yourself with its key features.

By now, you should have enough knowledge of the app and go ahead with the download. I am going to briefly explain a few of the key features below, you can bookmark the page to read after the installation or you may continue reading.

FMWA is famous especially due to its stealth mode. You can do things so carefully that no one will notice, you will stay hidden to all.

  1. Forward Message icon Disable:

Whenever you forward a text message, audio, voice note or a video clip, the receiver gets the message with a symbol stating the forwarded message. To avoid that, users copy-paste text messages or attach media messages manually in the recipient’s tab. That forward could be disgraceful some times.

However, with FM WhatsApp, we can forward messages without recipients knowing that in an ordinary way. Messages appear as they were sent particularly the second person.

  1. Anti-Delete Status and Messages:

What if I tell you that you can still watch your friends and loved ones’ stories even after they delete them? YES, here in FMWA you will get the advantage of peeking. It may sound very simple and basic for you but believe me; I have found it quite interesting in my own experience.

Furthermore, in the original WhatsApp, when the sender deletes a message in a conversation, the receiver will not be able to read or view them. But, this issue doesn’t exist in FM WhatsApp; developers have included a component where you can see those messages which were erased by the sender.

  1. Send Messages to Anonymous Numbers:

FM WhatsApp allows its users to send messages to anonymous numbers without saving them. On the other hand, the original version does not permit it; you have to save a contact in the device to send messages.

Indeed, this feature comes convenient when you simply need to send a one-time instant message to somebody and doesn’t need to save the receiver’s number in your device.

  1. Call Filter:

Call filter is certainly amongst the best features of FMWhatsApp. We all receive calls from unknown and unwanted numbers which can be pretty irritating sometimes even after rejecting them. With this mod, you can filter out the numbers who can call you and the rest will get blocked automatically.

At the same time, the caller would not know if you have blocked his calls or not. He/she will not see the call ringing notification while dialing the number.

  1. Media Sharing:

We all love to share images and videos with our loved ones. You must have experienced that the original WhatsApp does not allow you to send more than 10 images at once. In the same way, you cannot send long videos; the size limit is 16mb only.

However, with FM mod apk, you can select and send 60 images at the same time. Furthermore, the best part is you can send videos up to 700mb. Also, you can send files of different formats, such as .pdf, .rar, .doc, apk, etc.

If you love socializing and sharing images with your friends, like to follow your crush and favorite personalities, check out GB Instagram Apk with features of download images posted videos, also download stories of the people you are following.

  1. Pin Favorite Chats:

This is a useful feature for the people who use WhatsApp for their business deals. The original app lets its users pin only 3 chats. However, you can pin up to 100 favorite chats in FM mod apk. Now, you can choose the important conversations and always keep them in front of your eyes.

  1. Enhanced Privacy Features:

Best of all features, we all are concerned about our privacy and peeking at others without getting noticed. FM WhatsApp offers some options which I shall explain in bullets below;

  1. Hide View Status: With the help of this feature, people who have posted stories on their status won’t be able to know that you are viewing their status. In other words, enabling this feature will let you go stealth and watch other people’s stories without getting noticed.
  2. Hide Ticks: As the name shows, when you receive any message, the sender will not know whether the message has been delivered to you or not. In the same way, the sender won’t know whether you have seen the message or not. Only a single tick will appear in his conversation tab. But, you will be able to read his messages without letting him now. Furthermore, you will be able to see double ticks of your delivered messages and the same applies to blue ticks also.
  • Hide Typing and Recording: By using this feature, the person you are chatting to will not be able to see that you are typing a text or recording a voice message.

In addition to the above mentioned amazing features, there are plenty of other useful features that I have stated below;

  • The app allows you to have complete control over theme customization, also there is a collection of fantastic themes to choose from,
  • You can hide your online status from others whenever you are active on it,
  • Lock your secrets chats individually,
  • Introduced new icons of app launcher,
  • A feature to copy/paste someone’s status,
  • Set wallpapers on the home screen of WhatsApp,
  • I support WhatsApp Web feature,
  • Anti-ban – you can use the FMWA Mod apk without any issues of getting banned or blocked from WhatsApp,
  • This mod version allows its users to store private images and videos.

Other Modded Versions of WhatsApp:

Not only FM Whatsapp mod, but there are many others that are available for you. Best of all are FMWhatsApp apk, WhatsApp Plus, and Yo WhatsApp Apk, due to their unique performance and distinguishing features.

If you are keen to know about YoWhatsApp Apk, indeed you on the right spot. Click and read briefly described features that seem very similar to FMWA but with slight differences.

FM WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus:

In my own experience, I have found both very similar in functionality, or you can say there are minute un-noticeable differences. FMWA apk 2020 and WhatsApp Plus 2020 both offer exactly the same features, such as hide last seen, single tick on delivered messages, call locker, anti-ban and huge media sharing.

The only difference I noticed was appearance and theme customization, both offers slightly different colors and icons are unalike. In spite of being almost the same, I prefer FM WhatsApp Apk because of its more options for customization.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

  1. How Can I Download WhatsApp FM?

Ans: First – Uninstall the previous version of WhatsApp FM Apk,

Now, click at the given download button at to safe the trust apk file,

Allow your phone to install an app from an unknown source,

Click at downloaded file and select, it will be done in few seconds.

  1. Is FM WhatsApp Banned?

Ans: Absolutely Not! FMWA is completely anti-ban and you will never get blocked. However,  if you violate WhatsApp terms then you might get banned.

  1. What’s App FM Apk?

Ans: FM WhatsApp Apk is a modified version of WhatsApp with extra new features that are restricted or unavailable in the original version.

  1. How Do I Update FMWhatsApp?

Ans: Click at options “three dots on top” in the chat menu, find “Fouad Mods” in the list and look for “updates”. Tap and wait for a few seconds, the result will show if there is an update available or existing version is already up to date. Furthermore, we always keep our mod apps updated, keep visiting for the latest version.


Finally, I have explained almost every feature of FM WhatsApp Apk 2020. Now you are educated enough to decide if you would like to take advantage of the features or still prefer the original version. You can use the app along with the original WhatsApp or you can delete WhatsApp and keep FMWA as default.

But, if you want to use FMWA apk permanently then install the trusted version from the provided link. Do not download from any website because of the uncertainty of malware and viruses. Furthermore, we keep updating the apk file along with the article with newly added features to educate you. Bookmark the page to find an updated version every time you need the new FMWA 2020.

What's new

  • Fixes bugs and errors found in the previous version,
  • Features to get to the very first message of any chat,
  • New vibrant themes added to excite your funky mood,
  • The latest FMWA has cool emojis.



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