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Download the latest Clash Royale Mod Apk 2020 with Unlimited Gems, Gold, Cards and get Free Chests.
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Free download the latest version of Clash Royale Mod Apk for Android and get Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold, a lot of Custom Cards and Free Chests. A new update of hack apk has Clash Royale Servers and enhanced Mod Menu.

The modded Clash Royale Mod Apk is also known as CR Mod with CR hacks to play the game in better ways. Select from all sorts of spell custom cards, soldiers and improve war techniques, win the war with a glorious victory if the luck is in your favor. Build up your armies to defeat your enemies to gain valuable loots of war. Otherwise, you can use the victory reward to build up an unbreakable castle to defend your kingdom.

Clash Royale Mod Apk Information:

The very famous video game development company Supercell introduced Clash Royale in 2016. It is one of the most popular tactic games along with Clash of Titan, which was also introduced by the same video game development company. The numbers of game admirers have crossed 500 million and it is still booming. No doubt, the game CR will become as equally popular as its previous version CoT.

The Clash Royale is available to download from Google PlayStore and AppStore for free. But, many of the features are locked which makes the gameplay quite boring some times. Moreover, it becomes difficult to win the battles, collect gems to make your army stronger. Also, you need diamonds to build your castle defensively stronger as compared to your opponents.

However, you can download the hacked version of Clash Royale Mod Apk from this page. This mod de clash royale comes with unlimited gems, unlimited diamonds, and free chests. In addition, you also get infinite cards that you can use to spell your enemy, turn the wheel of luck to your side and embrace glorious victory.

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The function of Chest in Clash Royale: Players get chests full of gems and gold in the original version also, but they are very few and you wait to unlock the takes some time to unlock a chest. Otherwise, you can skip the waiting period and use some gems to open the chest. Each player has four chest slots, so you can only have up to four chests waiting at a time.

Awesome Features of Clash Royale Mod Apk:

The Clash Royale Mod Apk offers many awesome features and some of them are exclusive for CR Mod. This hack android gives you immediate access to all the features without waiting to collect gems and diamonds. This version is really awesome with useful mods and you do not need to pay a penny. These are some of the features we can find in this CR Mod;

  • Unlimited Gems / Diamonds,
  • Infinite Gold,
  • Free Chests,
  • Custom Cards and Commands,
  • All characters are unlocked,
  • Unlocks All Emotes,
  • Stable and Secure Clash Royale Servers,
  • No Need to Root or Jailbreak,
  • No Ads.

Clash Royale apk has many private servers where you can find awesome features that are not available on the official Clash Royale. So, gain access to powerful units to help your clans gaining the upper hand in the battle against your opponents. In addition, with awesome custom cards, you can your armies’ power to the maximum level.

Complete Guide to Install Clash Royale Mod Apk:

By now, you should be looking for a download button with the excitement. But wait, let me tell you something before you jump to install the game and face an error. If someone has suggested you to root your device to install mod apk, that is not a genuine statement. You can play this game in the genuine android without messing it up.

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NOTE: Please note that Clash Royale is free to download and play. Moreover, be aware of the untrusted apk otherwise you will bear consequences. The provided mod is free of all malware and viruses, and it is trusted. Also, you can contact us if you have any issues, or comment on your suggestion if you require any improvements.

Follow the step by step instruction below to install Clash Royale Mod Apk successfully;

  1. Uninstall if you have previously installed the game from another source, just to be safe and protect your device from suspicious apk,
  2. Delete the data file from your device and restart your phone to refresh its memory,
  3. Now, tap at the “download” button to get CR apk,
  4. Go to the Settings and tap on security option,
  5. You will see an option for installing files from unknown sources, toggle to allow it,
  6. Now, navigate to the hack apk file that you have downloaded,
  7. Tap and select install,
  8. With the completion of the installation process, you will be provided with two options “DONE” and “OPEN”, just click on “DONE” to complete the installation,
  9. Now, go to the apps folder in your smartphone and you will find a new icon for the Clash Royale,
  10. Click on the icon to start the game and enjoy the exciting features of Clash Royale Hacked.

In my own experience, I have found CR mod much better than the original version of the game. Due to the access to unlimited features right from the beginning, the gameplay becomes more exciting and engaging.

Install Clash Royale Mod Apk in PC:

The players can play Clash Royale Mod in your windows PC. You can install CR apk by using BlueStacks; I have mentioned the procedure below;

  • Download the apk file from this page,
  • Install BlueStacks software in your PC,
  • Once you have successfully installed BlueStacks emulator, click at the icon to launch,
  • Now, right-click on the apk file and click on open using BlueStacks apk installer,
  • That’s it; a shortcut icon will appear on the desktop once the installation is completed.

Key Features of CR Mod:

The modded version of the Clash Royale is not entirely different. Also, every mode and all features of the original version are available. Let’s explore some of the key features that make this apk so charming to play.

  • Unlimited Gems / Diamonds:

The most important collectibles of the game are gems. Players use them to unlock cards and boost the power of their warriors. It takes a lot of time and practice to win battles and earn gems. Winning a war is not easy for the weaker side even on the virtual battlefield.

However, with the Clash Royal mod, you get unlimited free gems to increase to power of your soldiers. Compile an invincible army and become an unconquerable king of CR virtual Kingdom.

  • Free Chests:

In addition to Gems, the modded Clash Royale also offers free chests every day, just like the original version of the game. And the good news is; you do not need to worry about the unlock time or using gems to open the chest. We have removed the time span to open the chest from the Clash Royale mod apk.

  • Unlocked All Emotes:

Players need emotes to communicate in the game. Unlocking emotes is an extreme headache in Clash Royale. But in Clash Royale mod servers, there is no need to worry about that, we have unlocked all emotes. You can use them in battles and make fun, unlike waiting for them to unlock first in the Clash Royale official.

  • New and Enhanced Cards:

Cards are the most important thing in the game, which are tools to summon soldiers in battle. Cards in the game are categorized by popularity, including common, rare and epic. You can identify them based on their colors and the original version allows keeping only 8 cards on the deck.

Players need magic cards to gain an advantage over your enemy. You must do your best to collect the magic cards; as a result, they will provide a magical boost to your troops. In addition, you should keep upgrading your cards as they would make your army a lot stronger. Thus, we have provided enough custom cards in CR MOD Apk.

Clash Royale LightsServers:

Clash Royale Lights it is one of the stable servers of CR mods. It is also famous as the name of RLights. The best feature of the Royale lights server is that it gets weekly updates which will bring you new cards, new events, and many features. An overview of its amazing features is below;

  • Stable server,
  • Clan feature,
  • Donation and receiving of cards is possible,
  • News Royale is available,
  • Weekly updates.

Clash Royale GamePlay:

You have 3 minutes to be better than your opponent; whichever player destroys more of the opponent’s Arena Tower, or destroy the opponent’s King’s Tower first will win. On the other hand, if both players destroy the king’s tower at the same time, the battle will be a draw. The ranking will depend on the level and number of titles they have won. There are 13 levels for each player to conquer.

Clash Royale Mod Apk allows players to take control of the most loved clan in the entire gaming world. It takes players to an exciting journey to strengthen your army. Recruit your favorite characters of the Royale including the Princess, the Knight, Dragons, and many more to assist you in your battle with your enemies. Enjoy countless of entertaining hours with Clash Royale Mod Apk.

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The best feature in Clash Royale is that you can challenge players from all around the world for online matches. You will gain incredible loots and trophies that would help to increase your rank. Moreover, the higher your rank is, you will earn more rewards regardless of the match results.

On the other hand, you can also play a single-player campaign mode. You will play hundreds of different levels and each one is more difficult than the previous. However, as you complete the stages, you will earn the reward of valuable crowns which are you can use to unlock the crown chest. Clash Royale has two modes: 1vs1 mode and 2vs2 mode. You can either battle amongst your friends or team up with players from all over the world.

Parent’s Guide:

Clash Royale is a tower-defense game that brings players against other real-world opponents in a cartoon battle. It is tough to play the game without a great deal of patience. This game is absolutely fine for kids of any age to play. Moreover, I shall recommend you to make your children play this game; it will boost their IQ level.


Indeed, the Clash Royale is another great game for relaxing experiences with war tactics. If you love games with great strategies, then download the Clash Royale Mod Apk and win every battle with unlimited gems, gold and custom cards. This CR Hack is very easy to use and becomes quite especially in the battlefield.

What's new

  • NEW CARD - The powerful Battle Healer,
  • Unlock a FREE Tower Skin in Season 6,
  • Introducing Card Level Boosts,
  • Perks including automatic chest unlocking,
  • New card releases can get boosted to your King Tower Level,
  • Quality of Life updates, Creator Boosts, bug fixes, and more.



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